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Foundation GEOINT Standards Data Production Specification

Foundation GEOINT Standards (FGS) and Data Production Specification (DPS) is a highly specialized website utilized by GEOINT professionals for entity extraction and standard map product information. The FGS / DPS consists of logically approached guidelines for entity extraction to populate a product-neutral digital database and specific specification standards used to create standard map products.  

The National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) Application Schema (NAS) provides the GEOINT Standards and content information that formulates the guidelines throughout the FGS / DPS website .

The FGS / DPS webpage consists of four tabs providing access to various types of guidelines and information covered throughout both Specifications. Each tab is as follows:

  • Home  – Providing an Overview of the content of both Specifications in the form of Overview, Purpose, and Scope
  • GCES – A list of entities covered by the GCES Specification that provides access to individual entity guidelines in feature extraction displayed in five informational tabs.
  • DPS  – A list of each Standard Map Product containing Product specific features providing access to individual feature guidelines displayed within five informational tabs assisting with properly present that feature on the specific standard map product.
  • Download  ​– Providing the ability to download individual or all of the GCES Extraction Example images, pictures, and diagrams for each Entity. Provides the ability to download specific files, samples, and information pertaining to each standard product.