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NGA announces OT competition to create prototype for Low Latency Foundation Data

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Other Transaction Authority Competition Banner

 Nov. 18, 2020
 Springfield, Virginia

 NGA Media Relations
 (571) 557-5450

Public Release Number: 2021-104

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is seeking proposed technical solutions to help augment its foundation data stores for high-priority areas of interest.

The competition is being conducted through an Other Transactions Authority acquisition. The OT construct allows for more widespread vendor participation and an increased number of innovative submissions.

The Low Latency Foundation Data project will help generate topographical feature, elevation and other relevant data sets to support analyses, product development and mission planning. The initiative is designed to both increase and enhance NGA's foundation data holdings.

"We are enthusiastic about the Low Latency Foundation Data project's prospects for helping NGA and its partners obtain updated data of key interest areas in near real time. We feel the project will result in tangible benefits for NGA and the broad constituencies we serve," said Enrique Montaño, NGA's program manager for the project.

The total amount of the award is estimated to range from $2.0M to $2.5M. NGA expects to announce winning proposals in March 2021.

The competition is available on . Submission requirements are also provided on the site.

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