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About NGA’s Office of Inspector General

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Office of Inspector General (OIG) performs independent, objective audits, inspections, and investigations to promote effectiveness, efficiency, economy, and integrity throughout NGA.

We also detect fraud, waste, and abuse in NGA programs and operations.

Our assessments of NGA’s programs and operations are undertaken and performed in accordance with the Inspector General Act of 1978 and standards of the Government Accountability Office and the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.


The model organization for promoting positive change, speaking truth, and sustaining excellence. 


To conduct independent and objective audits, inspections, and investigations to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of NGA programs and operations. 

Our Seal and Symbolism

The NGA OIG seal effectively captures our values; the trifecta of “Independence, Integrity and Professionalism” and symbolizes our contribution to NGA mission success.

The globe of radiating star above the Earth, is inherited from our agency’s emblem and motto, “Know the World, Show the Way...from Seabed to Space.”

The radiating star above the Earth marks the Agency and OIG as purveyors of new concepts, technologies and products, while the day and night depiction suggests the perpetual nature of our efforts.

The red compasses symbolize true direction guided by integrity and professionalism and anchored in a foundation of independence.

The badge is a symbol of authority and independence, and encompasses a 12-point shield, representing the 12 original statutory federal Inspectors General that laid the groundwork for protecting taxpayer dollars by detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in the federal government. As a statutory Inspector General, the NGA OIG is committed to promoting effectiveness and efficiency in Agency operations and programs.

“Integrity first, professionalism always; we stand on a foundation of independence.”

Inspector General

Cardell K. Richardson, Sr.

Cardell K. Richardson, Sr, is the inspector general of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. As a statutory federal inspector general, he provides independent oversight and objective assessments of agency programs and operations to promote effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. He also acts as the agency’s chief official responsible for the investigating potential violations of law, rule, or regulation, as well as incidence of gross mismanagement, gross misconduct, abuse of authority, and denial of due process.

Mr. Richardson has served in numerous NGA senior leadership positions. As an agency principal leader he was the NGA deputy chief operation officer.  He also led NGA mission operation as director of Source Operations.  He later provided mission support leadership as deputy director of Security and Installations.  He advised the NGA director on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as the NGA equality executive and director of the Office of Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity.  Mr. Richardson is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Mr. Richardson holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Howard University, a Master of Public Administration degree from Webster University and a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy from National Defense University.  Mr. Richardson is the proud two time recipient of the prestigious Presidential Rank Award for high-performing senior executives.

Office of the Inspector General Divisions

Deputy Inspector General

Principal OIG leader in lieu of the IG.


  • Provides leadership support to the Assistant Inspectors General for Audit, Inspections, and Investigations, as well as the IG Chief of Staff, Counsel, and the IG Career Service.
  • Leads overall operational support in accomplishing the OIG mission.
  • Delegated to serve as head of the IG Career Service.
  • Charged with ensuring professional development of all OIG personnel.

Contact the OIG

For questions or information that are not complaint related, 571-557-7500 or 547-7500 (DSN).


(800) 380-7729, (Voice,TTY)
(312) 547-4849, (DSN, TTY)