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eNGAge: The Geospatial Exchange

What is eNGAge?

Our rapidly evolving mission requires more and better talent exchanges with industry and academia. eNGAge enables these exchanges, sending our people out and bringing others in to support current, future or projected mission requirements across the agency.

Who benefits?

eNGAge will clearly benefit both NGA and our traditional and nontraditional partners: we will discover new ways of thinking and new business practices to further a culture of innovation. We can all gain from fresh insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with operating one of the five largest intelligence agencies in the country. Employees will form lasting relationships with subject matter experts, DOD users, academia and commercial companies.

What can we do together?

Working together, eNGAge will act as a force multiplier to enhance our collective contribution to our national security, help us stay ahead of technology trends and support awareness of each other’s industry and capabilities. eNGAge will help us learn and adapt as the realities of the world dictate.

How does it work?

eNGAge is NGA’s program for bringing people in and sending them on geospatial exchanges that will support personnel solutions. We will match talent with opportunities, find the best way to achieve the desired exchange, and provide support throughout the process.

Facilitation of geospatial exchanges requires a thorough understanding of the associated ethics guidance, the management of costs and the efficient processing of security clearances. eNGAge assembles the organizational resources to meet these challenges.

NGA components identify specific mission needs and seek industry or academia partners.

There will also be a broad solution call: "tell us what you do and why NGA would benefit from exposure to this technology/methodology/approach."

We are looking to send and receive people at the mid-level (PB4/5 equivalents) and senior executive-equivalent levels.

Exchanges are not limited to the local commuting area; we will fund geographic relocations for Team NGA Members.

NGA will pay the salaries of Team NGA members going OUT; when we bring people INTO Team NGA, we may be able to help with the cost.

What kind of talent are we looking for?

eNGAge seeks ideas from companies and academic institutions to help identify solutions to pressing issues. We have immediate requirements in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Cloud Solution - design, development and implementation
  • Computer-based modeling and simulation for design support (transformation to the cloud​)
  • Enterprise data solutions
  • Security engineering - design and implementation of perimeter defense for cloud services, releasability services, IAA services and cross-domain
  • Systems architecture
  • Survey instrument technology
  • Gravity collection methods
  • Core orbital, geophysical, geodetic and photogrammetric sciences
  • Geomatics
  • AGILE practices in system acquisition and development
  • Business analytics
  • Financial data expert
  • 3D surface generation and editing
  • Data analytics and data science
  • Workforce analytics
  • Occupational psychologists
  • Business and learning technology
  • Geospatial cyber research
  • World magnetic modeling
  • Analytic visualization
  • Production manager

To see a list of current opportunities, view the document below. If you have another idea that isn't listed please submit it and we will take a look.

How to eNGAge

When you apply, you will need to provide information about your company or academic institution and your solution and a point of contact.  All submitted applications will be considered and you will receive a response from us. We manage and adjudicate every submission intended specifically for NGA.

Contact us at 571-558-1800 or email with any questions, solution ideas, or requests for additional information.

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eNGAge Specific Opportunities
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