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Custom Media Team

NGA's Custom MediaTeam fulfills tailored media requests for geospatial intelligence data.  Providing electronic transfer from NGA's Gateway database and its own master external hard drive database, media output capabilities include electronic dataset push, CD-ROM, DVD and external hard drive dissemination.

The Custom Media Team is comprised of individuals offering customers a variety of support through the Tailored Media Generation System (TMGS), for portable hard drive requests; and the Custom Media Generation System (CMGS), for DVD/CD-ROM requests.

The Tailored Media support team provides external hard drive priming services allowing customers to request coverage for the entire World, an Area of Responsibility (AOR), or Area of Interest (AOI).  All information available on the NGA Gateway can be provided on these portable drives (500GB to 2TB) and shipped to customers via FedEx. These drives have both ISEE 1394, USB 2.0, and eSATA capability to add flexibility to a customer's workstation setup. They are supported on PC, MacIntosh, and certain Solaris platforms.

The CMGS support team can output data to DVD (single and dual layer) or CD-ROM per customer requirements.  The CMGS workstations utilize the existing NGA data Bundler interface to select from many forms of coverage (area, country, product, etc.) and formats.  Data may also be pulled from existing local holdings and output to media.

In addition to providing customized geospatial information, the CMGS team distributes Vertical Obstruction data (DVOF) to a wide variety of customers.  Customized DVOF data sets are also available through the WebDVOF web server on the NGA Gateway.  The data may be downloaded in various formats to be used on many platforms and systems. WebDVOF can retrieve up to 500,000 points via the Windows interface.  Customers requiring assistance or retrievals, especially those requiring over 500,000 points, should contact the DVOF POC.  DVOF is available on DVD, CD-ROM and depending on security considerations, FTP.

A valid DoDAAC account number or approval by the appropriate NGA Command NST is required for all Custom Media requests.  For more information about DoDAAC account numbers, contact the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) at 1-800-826-0342.

To request additional information about products or services that the Custom Media Team (XCMS) might provide, contact one of the numbers below. Custom Media is staffed Mon-Fri 0600-1600 CST.

Phone: (636) 321-5285
WebDVOF: Nick Anderson
Phone: (636) 321-5683
DSN: 369-568