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Custom Media Products

NGA Custom Media fulfills tailored media requests for geospatial intelligence data (Foundation GEOINT and Imagery). Drawing from the agency’s Gateway repositories and the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence Consolidated Library, Custom Media supports a variety of media output capabilities, including electronic dataset push, CD-ROM/DVD, LT04 tapes and external hard drive dissemination. Customers may request coverage for the entire world, an Area of Responsibility or an Area of Interest.

Drives have IEEE 1394 USB 2.0 and eSATA capability, adding flexibility to a customer’s workstation setup.

Custom Media supports a number of Foundational GEOINT products, including CADRG, ECRG, CIB1/5/10 and TanDEM-X (TREX). The team also distributes Digital Vertical Obstruction Files - also available through WebDVOF on the NGA Gateway - LIDAR, CADRG and other geospatial intelligence data.

A valid DoDAAC account number or approval by the appropriate NGA Support Team is required for all Custom Media requests. For more information about DoDAAC account numbers, contact the Defense Logistics Agency at 1-800-826-0342.


To submit a request for Custom Media products or services, please visit the Custom Media website (CAC enabled) or contact us below.


NGA Custom Media

Phone: 636-321-5285

DSN: 369-5285



For requests supporting CENTCOM:

Custom Media Services (Bahrain)

Phone: 318-439-3441



For requests supporting INDOPACOM:

Custom Media Services (South Korea)

Phone: 315-755-4925 (unclassified DSN)

Phone: 011-82-5033-554925 (commercial from the U.S.)