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Boosting Innovative GEOINT Research Broad Agency Announcement (BIG-R BAA)

The BIG-R BAA enables NGA to adopt phased approaches and use multiple contract instruments to target expertise, mitigate risk and create an innovative environment for developing new capabilities.


The BIG-R BAA solicits innovative concepts that address one or more of the following technical domains: 


Foundational GEOINT

Focuses on the creation of always accurate, high-resolution, continually updated representations of the earth’s properties, available on demand.

Advanced Phenomenologies

Employs novel methods and efficient strategies to drive development and delivery of improved spatially, spectrally and temporally resolved data from a growing number of traditional and non-traditional sources.

Analytic Technologies

Enhances the definition and utility of GEOINT by leveraging new sources of data and developing novel analytic techniques to deliver a geospatial dimension to multi-INT analytics, in particular to address emerging threats and mission domains.


The BIG-R BAA general solicitation provides overarching information and functions as a framework identifying the technical areas, basic terms and administrative information of the BAA.

The BAA and subsequent topics are available on  and  as Funding Opportunity Number HM0476-20-BAA-0001.