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NGA awards Commercial Acquisition to Geospark Analytics for Real-time Operational Insights

 Sept. 15, 2021

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Public Release Number: 21-570

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency awarded Geospark Analytics a base year plus four option years contract for their Hyperion artificial intelligence-driven open source global threat intelligence platform and application programming interface (API) earlier this year. The contract provides event automated monitoring and machine learning for real-time insights and threat forecasts, further expanding the agency’s portfolio that delivers timely, accurate, and actionable GEOINT to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals, and humanitarian and disaster relief first responders.

NGA established an initial relationship with Geospark Analytics through a bailment agreement – a type of contract that provided NGA with temporary access to Hyperion where it was assessed against a variety of GEOINT mission areas in order to determine and quantify its operational value. The formal assessment concluded that Hyperion provided significant value to the collection and analytic missions of the agency, resulting in this procurement.

“The procurement also demonstrates the mutual benefits that bailments provide NGA and industry,” said NGA’s Dave Gauthier, Director, Source Commercial and Business Operations Group. “Bailment agreements add value to our commercial efforts and GEOINT mission by allowing us to evaluate commercial capabilities against our challenge areas prior to investing. We have been very interested in the application of non-traditional GEOINT data and services this fiscal year.”

Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion products are AI-driven services. By incorporating AI tools into the GEOINT workflow, NGA strengthens its ability to utilize real-time analytics and event-driven data modeling against a wide range of intelligence missions.

 Similarly, Hyperion’s machine learning models produce real-time risk forecasts by automating threat intelligence gathering and analysis across multiple sources of data including news, social media, economic indicators, governance factors, travel warnings, weather, and other sources that integrate over 6.8 million unique real-time data sources into the GEOINT workflow.

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NGA awards Commercial Acquisition to Geospark Analytics for Real-time Operational Insights
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