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NGA Industry Strategy Summit 2022


The nation faces national security challenges that are more dynamic and rapidly evolving than ever before. This requires NGA to re-think and re-tool its business models and technical approaches in order to meet the security needs of the nation. In that spirit, it is vital that NGA and collaborators from industry, government, and academia have a shared understanding of what future capabilities are needed and how NGA plans to build and acquire them.

This unclassified virtual summit is designed to give members of industry, academia, non-profits and other government elements insight into NGA’s strategic thinking, and how the agency plans to develop its future operational environment – including the architectures and tools that support it. This level of strategic engagement is intended to further advance NGA’s ongoing dialog with these key constituents to advance the collective partnership and achieve NGA’s national security objectives. 

NGA Director Vice Adm. Frank Whitworth will speak about leading-edge technology and its impact on the GEOINT enterprise. In addition, Kelly Pickering, director of NGA’s office of contract services, and Carlos Roque, white house presidential innovation fellow, will also present. Topics will include advancing an agile software development framework acquisition environment, the NGA software way and up to a 3-year outlook of NGA business opportunities. 

Registration is open to members of industry, academia and the media. The virtual event will run from 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. EST.

To register please visit:

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Featured Speakers

  • VADM Frank "Trey" Whitworth, Director, NGA

  • Phil Chudoba, Associate Director for Capabilities, NGA

  • Sue Pollmann, West Executive, NGA

  • Dr. Cindy Daniell, Director, Research, NGA

  • Kelly Pickering, Director, Office of Contract Services, NGA

  • Alaric "Dale" Rainey, Director, Small Business Programs, NGA


9:30 to 9:32 a.m. Greetings

Rick Myllenbeck; NGA Industry Engagement Advisor 

Phil Chudoba; NGA Associate Director for Capabilities and Component Acquisition Executive

Phil Chudoba; NGA Associate Director for Capabilities and Component Acquisition Executive

Carlos Roqué; White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, NGA CTO Team  

Kelly Pickering; Director, NGA Office of Contract Services
Dale Rainey; Director, NGA Office of Small Business Programs 

VADM Trey Whitworth; NGA Director

Sue Pollmann; West Executive and Next NGA West (N2W) Program Director

Cindy Daniell; NGA Director, Research Directorate
Rebekah Cecil; NGA Chief, Program Planning and Execution, Research Directorate

Maria Muse-Duncan; NGA Director, Source Discovery and Assessments Office 
Source Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; East Executive

Rick Myllenbeck; Moderator
•    Audience can submit questions via chat for live responses

For members of industry, please outreach to, and ask your questions.

Phil Chudoba; NGA Associate Director for Capabilities and Component Acquisition Executive