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Procurement Integrity Ombudsman

The Procurement Integrity Ombudsman, Howard Pierce, is responsible for providing a neutral, informal, confidential and independent alternative for employees, managers, customers and contractors to seek assistance in resolving procurement integrity issues. The primary function of the Procurement Integrity Ombudsman is to support acquisition personnel by acting as an independent sounding board to hear concerns about specific procurement integrity issues and to assist in the resolution of the concerns.

You can contact the Procurement Integrity Ombudsman at


Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman

The Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman is responsible for reviewing complaints from contractors and ensuring they are afforded a fair opportunity to be considered, consistent with the procedures in the contract. Specifically, this applies when award of separate task or delivery order contracts is made to two or more sources, the contracts are for the same or similar services, and the task or delivery order is in excess of $3,500.

You can contact the Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman at


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