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NGA appoints Dr. Anthony Vinci to the role of chief technology officer

 Jan. 23, 2018

 Erica Fouche, Chief of Media

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo announced today Dr. Anthony Vinci will fill the new role of chief technology officer at NGA. 

The CTO will focus on increasing the agency’s ability to instill next-generation technology, tradecraft and innovative approaches to the geospatial intelligence community, enterprise and mission. However, whereas most CTOs focus exclusively on technology, NGA’s CTO role will be concerned with how to combine analyst experience and expertise with the power of data and artificial intelligence.

“It is not enough to only focus on machine-learning, computer vision and augmentation technologies — we must be equally committed to the integration of these technologies with our people and processes,” said Cardillo.

NGA’s CTO will harness the power of data, innovation and technology within government and industry to advance GEOINT across its defense and intelligence communities.

“Anthony possesses the passion, the experience and the expertise to drive our efforts and our collaboration with the rest of the intelligence community and Department of Defense as well as our agency's broader public private partnerships,” said Cardillo.