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I Am NGA: Dwight Dean

 March 9, 2015

 Kristen Mackey
 Office of Corporate Communications

Dwight Dean is highly respected within the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the geospatial community, said his supervisor, Chad Wright. As the staff lead for integrated operations to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Committee, known as GEOCOM, Dean perpetually looks for ways to optimize the value of NGA and GEOINT in addressing national security issues, said Wright.

With three years at NGA and having worked in various intelligence and analysis capacities for two decades prior to NGA, Wright said that Dean is the right person to serve as the NGA employee representative of the committee, facilitating integration of analytic capabilities and collection across GEOINT platforms.

Dean said that he represents the geospatial community with a high level of confidence because of his long history in the defense and intelligence community, but mainly due to the support he has at NGA.

“NGA is the nexus for all things GEOINT. This is the place to be if you want to be part of cutting-edge geospatial technology, mapping, analysis and national security,” Dean said.

“Dwight brings exuberance and a love of mission to the office each day,” Wright said. “His experience and passion for the maturation of NGA and GEOINT is inspiring to all of us.”

“My work with my leadership and my peers — who I refer to as my ‘work family’ — provides me with all the knowledge and skills that I need to effectively represent NGA as we achieve and upgrade the goals of the GEOINT enterprise,” Dean said.

But, Dean credits most of his success to his family.

“My parents have been my greatest mentors. They taught me the importance of faith, family, hard work, education, honesty, and community and national service,” said Dean. “My wife and kids remind me of the impact I may have on others, and they improve my understanding of local or world events, and, of course, new technologies. They help me maintain a healthy work-life balance too, keeping me grounded and giving me strength.”

Dean has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a master’s degree in strategic intelligence, post-graduate degrees in military arts and sciences, joint and combined military operations, and postgraduate certifications for information technology disciplines.

“I have also completed training in multiple GEOINT disciplines over the course of my career,” Dean said. “This education and training, coupled with my operational experience, has been critical to my success supporting NGA and NSG missions.”