NGA Employee CAC Resources

A simple three step process to set up your CAC reader and make telework easier.

Three easy steps to getting online

Setting Up Your CAC Reader.

This guide covers Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Other browsers are not compatible with the built in smart card software. To utilize one of the non-supported browsers a secondary middleware application would be required such as ActivClient.

Testing Your CAC Reader

Once you have your “Smartcard Reader” configured, now you can test it. Remote login into protected resources will require your Common Access Card (CAC). Insert your CAC into the reader and test against these useful NGA resources.

Accessing SBU with your CAC Reader

After successfully accessing CAC-enabled resouces, now you can use that same process to remote login into your desktop. You will have access to your desktop just like being at work. Follow the instructions below to remote access into your desktop while teleworking.

  STEP: 4     If you are still having trouble after trying these three steps, please email (Operation Hours: 0600-1700 EST).