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Technology Strategy

Our Principles

Technology has been—and will continue to be—increasingly fundamental for NGA to achieve its strategic goals. We must look beyond reacting to circumstances and events and toward a model that anticipates and proactively provides technology to serve the heart of NGA’s mission. To achieve this mission, NGA’s enterprise will adopt principles to guide how we will enact the vision.

1. Deepen Understanding of Mission Customers

2. Deliver with Velocity; Adapt to Reality

3. Enable Technology Through Partnership

4. Meet Future Mission with Future Technology

5. Empower Workforce with Tech and Training

The Way Ahead

To deliver on this strategy, NGA will pursue five key initiatives focused on addressing the needs of mission today and grounded in industry-leading practices. These key initiatives will empower people, improve processes, and leverage industry-leading technology.


Key Initiative Details

Empower Builders & Makers

Problem Statement

NGA applications are too difficult to build and update as mission needs change, and NGA’s technology leaders rarely have full transparency or authority over the applications in use across the Agency. This approach to application development and management spreads resources thin and starves the builders and makers of the tools they need to deliver products at the speed of mission.


  1. Develop implementation guidance for NGA based on private sector best practices and internal software development experience gained over the past few years;
  2. Add APIs to legacy applications to enable consistent integration patterns and easier interactions with other systems;
  3. Adopt a service-centric architecture as the prevailing framework for how most NGA applications will be designed. NGA will focus on spreading these three concepts as consistently and widely as possible throughout the enterprise; and
  4. Implement, document, and broadly adopt reusable application platforms


An ecosystem that provides modern development tools, facilitates compliance with security standards, and streamlines processes for implementation on all security domains. A development and deployment platform to support modern DevSecOps practices and API-first development.

Value to NGA

NGA’s pivot to a more consistent DevSecOps experience for builders and makers will significantly improve its ability to design, develop, and deliver applications that support current and future GEOINT capabilities.

View the CTO's Technology Strategy Brochure

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