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Chief Technology Officer

Maintaining our advantage as the world leader in geospatial intelligence

Letter from the Director

As I stated up front in my Director’s Intent, we’re engaged in a pivotal competition of grave consequence; a competition we must, and will win. We are taking all necessary actions to sustain GEOINT supremacy. Maintaining our advantage as the world leader in geospatial intelligence requires a sound digital enterprise. We operate a technologically complex system-of-systems in our quest to “show the way” — to literally get our customers from point A to point B, to help illuminate options and inform decisions, and to facilitate actions being taken with speed, accuracy and precision. Dependency on technology is not our goal—we must leverage and master it. NGA, our mission partners, and, most importantly, our industry partners must never cease the innovative development of geospatial technologies to maintain comparative advantage over our adversaries. We’re in a race, and can’t afford to stand still.

NGA’s first Technology Strategy will help guide us to improving the state of our current technology to arm our people and partners to meet today's mission, while charting the course toward meeting future mission. As always, we will adapt and adjust wherever and whenever needed.

Robert D. Sharp
Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

View the CTO's Technology Strategy Brochure

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