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Mission Walk Throughs

A primary purpose of geospatial products has always been to provide visualization of operational spaces and activity patterns of all sizes and scales, ranging from global and regional level to cities and even individual buildings. Spatial analysis techniques can identify patterns in adversary activities. It uses standardized portrayal to ensure the message communicated is the one intended. A picture is simply the fastest way to communicate spatial information to a customer.

GEOINT products make better use of three- and four-dimensional products. Three-dimensional products allow visualization that is closest to the ability of the human eye, and exceeds the human capability to view all three sides at once. The fourth dimension, time, allows for the creation of moving scenarios for accurate and realistic depictions of speed, pattern recognition, and velocity and the effects of time, activity, tides, wind, etc.

Common Operational Picture (COP): GEOINT provides the ability to integrate precise location and terrain data to create a foundation of information about a specific area. This information is then turned into a picture of the area that multiple, diverse customers and organizations can access simultaneously to ensure they are working with identical data and are referencing the same information. Additional data can be added to the picture from multiple contributors. This common operational picture provides users the ability to quickly orient and visualize their mission space. The COP provides a means by which analysts, policymakers, warfighters, and first responders can rapidly orient to and visualize their environment. It displays the required information in a fashion that supports situational awareness and rapid decision making.

Mission Visualization: GEOINT can be used to create a realistic, interactive scenario that accurately depicts the mission area in four dimensions. The simulated air, land, or sea environment prepares personnel for factors they may encounter on a real mission.