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Controlled Image Base

The Controlled Image Base (CIB) is a seamless database of digital ortho-mosaic images. CIB has a Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of 1 meter resolution and is orthorectified using NGA Digital Terrain Elevation Data Level 2 (DTED Level 2).

CIB started as a product called Arc Digital Raster Image (ADRI). This product used SPOT imagery, which had a GSD of 10 meters. This was a large orthomosaic and was difficult to use with the computer capacities of the times. This product was converted to a Raster Product Format (RPF) and was named CIB. The format specification is MIL-STD-2411. Soon after the inception of CIB 10m, the users demanded a product that has a GSD of 5 meter resolution. This became the standard product and CIB 10 meter became obsolete. Currently the commercial satellites are imaging the world at or better than 1 meter GSD. NGA now produces CIB at a GSD of one meter resolution. This product is in high demand by Mission Planners. CIB 5 meter product is also still produced.

CIB is an RPF product. Grayscale (panchromatic) images are projected onto the Arc System, orthorectified, and assembled into a mosaic. The imagery is then segmented into individual frames and stored as a seamless database per MIL-STD-2411. After compression, an NITF wrapper is written to the frame files. The reference specifications are MIL-STD-2411-1, MIL-STD-2411-2, and MIL-STD-2500A. CIB uses Vector Quantization (VQ) at a ratio of 8:1 for compression. This allows for maximum area possible within the constraints of a CD-ROM and for rapid decompression. VQ compression is a lossy process, but is not discernible to the naked eye.

The horizontal accuracy of CIB data depends on the accuracy of the image source from which the CIB was derived and the accuracy of the Digital elevation Model (DEM) used to orthorectify the image. The Circular Error @ 90 percent (CE 90) or horizontal accuracy is reported within the CIB frame files. CIB accuracies of 25 meters are achievable for imagery of 10m Ground Sample Distance (GSD) or better. 90 percent of randomly chosen points, mensurated and computed from CIB® will fulfill the horizontal accuracy listed in the attribute section for the particular image source utilized in production. VQ compression does not affect the overall accuracy of a CIB product.

CIB is used by mission planners, FEMA, and in cockpit displays. It has been used for feature extraction and imagery registration. CIB is considered a very important foundation based product.

CIB is a registered trademark and has a limited distribution. The final product can only be released to the DOD, its contractors, and other Executive Agencies supporting DOD activities.