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​​​World Magnetic Model 2015- Data    

An update to the World Magnetic Model (WMM) 2015 was released October 2018 and can be downloaded below. The file contains the necessary coefficients to upload into systems that require the update. A full report with more information about the WMM and this update will be published by NOAA's National Center for Environmental Information on their website when the partial government shutdown is over. This update will not impact the release of WMM 2020.​

The WMM is the standard model used by DoD, NATO, and IHO for a wide range of positional and navigation systems. Feedback from the WMM user community as well as the degree of the variation in the northern hemisphere drove the decision to make this out-of-cycle update. The model seeks to mitigate any user performance degradation caused by a one-degree gridded variation (GV) in the polar region. An increased GV error may adversely affect compass navigation and other magnetic field-based systems in the arctic region.

Download WMM 2015 Update​​​​​