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GEOINT Content Extraction Specification    
Geospatial Intelligence Content Extraction Specification is a specialized website for GEOINT professionals to extract items of interest. The GCES provides guidelines for a logical approach to entity extraction used to populate a product-neutral digital database. 
The National System for Geospatial Intelligence Application Schema provides the GEOINT standards and content information that formulates the guidelines throughout the GCES website.
The GCES webpage consists of four main pages that provide access to various types of guidelines and information covered within the GCES.
GCES Main Pages: 
Overview – Provides an understanding of the GCES content individual page descriptions and website navigation.
Topic Index – A list of entities covered by the GCES that provide the access point to individual entity guidelines assisting in information extraction. Search and subset tools assist in reducing the number of listed entities.
Provenance – Provides information and guidelines pertaining to the background data that is associated with each piece of information collected. Metadata is covered under this page.  
Feedback – Users can contribute issues, comments and suggestions pertaining to the GCES.