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Coordinate System Analysis

Coordinate Systems Analysis provides the foundation data and parameters to transition NGA's products from local datums to WGS 84, and the geodetic analysis and information to DOD weapons/navigation systems in support of national security and intelligence objectives while ensuring the geodetic accuracy and scientific integrity of NGA.

NGA derives, validates, documents and databases local-to-WGS 84 transformation parameters.

NGA generates geodetic reports which include:

    • Grid printouts
    • Coordinate conversion notes
    • Magnetic declination diagrams
    • MGRS lettering and grid zone designators

NGA uses GIS and image analysis software to verify grids, projections and datum transformations. NGA also analyzes non-WGS 84 geospatial information, reports on geodetic interoperability analysis and reporting and provides geodetic training to NGA personnel and its customers.