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Small Business Interaction    
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How to get on NGA's Active Small Business Vendor List

Send the following information to with the subject: New Interested Vendor

    1. Vendor name and address 
    2. Business type (e.g. small woman owned) 
    3. NAICS Code(s) with title description
    4. CAGE Code
    5. Highest clearance level (Please specify facility clearance or Personnel Clearance) Point of contact with telephone number E-mail and business website address GSA # DUNS number
    6. Demo's (Do you have a readily available on-site demo in support of NGA's mission)

Please do not attach brochures, capabilities, or slides, etc. to your email. If this information is available on your website, the SBPO will review to ensure maximum exposure.

The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) uses the Vendor's List extensively when performing market surveys and researching businesses in specific socio-economic categories. In addition, we inform small businesses of upcoming activities at NGA and other organizations, notify small businesses of upcoming acquisitions that match their NAICS codes, and provide an accurate list of sources for COs and PMs.

Small Business Presentations

MPP Program Presentations

NGA Mentor Protégé Program

CLICK HERE to access the Mentor Protege Program (MPP) webpage. If you have any questions or comments, please contact  the Mentor-Protege Program at

More small business opportunities:

Business Information:

An image chart of NGA's small business program targets.

*Represents preliminary results awaiting contract validation.


        OSBP Strategy as follows:

        1. Maintain a robust Small Business Programs Office (SBPO)
        2. Continue involvement with new acquisitions
        3. Partner with large businesses to provide subcontracting and Mentor- Prot‚g‚ opportunities
        4. Aggressive outreach efforts to reach more small businesses
        5. Increase the number of Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) contract awards
        6. Utilize our Small Business Specialists' involvement
        7. Collaborate with the workforce to bring awareness about small businesses
        8. Increase contracting opportunities for small businesses
        9. Stay actively involved and promote the inclusion of small businesses, especially HUBZone, SDVOSB, VOSB, and WOSB
        10. Actively communicating with Small Businesses to better understand their support needs.

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