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NGA partners with industry (small and large businesses, individuals, etc.) to improve NGA capabilities and data that helps the U.S. military and public achieve its mission.

Visit the appropriate site to learn more about NGA's industry partnerships:
Business Opportunities - A list of current contract announcements and other contract opportunities.
CIBORG - Provides centralized, standardized, contractual access to emerging commercially-available imagery, data, analytical capabilities and services.
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) - Written agreements that allow federal agencies and non-federal partners to optimize their resources, share technical expertise and intellectual property and increase the commercialization of federally developed technology. 
eNGAge - Enables talent exchanges between industry and academia by sending our people out and bringing others in to support current, future or projected mission requirements across the agency.

Innovative GEOINT Application Provide Program - Serves as NGA's secure supply chain, bringing innovative apps to the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense.

Small Businesses - NGA actively pursues new and creative ways to reach out and engage small businesses to help NGA meet its mission-critical needs.