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Commercial GEOINT Activity    
What is CGA?
The Commercial GEOINT Activity (CGA) is a partnership between the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  Borne of a collective vision of NGA and NRO leadership, CGA will position both agencies to take full advantage of legacy and emerging commercial GEOINT capabilities to satisfy mission needs and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the overhead architecture.  Technology advances are spurring greater commoditization of imagery collection and analysis and reducing barriers to market entry, fueling worldwide demand for geospatial intelligence. 
This environment presents an unprecedented opportunity for the US government to capitalize on existing and emerging commercial GEOINT capabilities to further our national security mission. CGA is organized along three over-arching functional areas, including:
Stakeholder Engagement - CGA will be a focal point for engagement with the commercial imagery industry to understand legacy and emerging capabilities against customer needs and requirements. 
Capability Assessment - CGA will lead the development and application of a framework to assess the technical capabilities of emerging commercial providers. It will advise each agency on the value proposition related to mission utility and help inform and synchronize NGA and NRO decisions related to the acquisition of commercial imagery capabilities.
Policy - CGA will help shape US remote sensing policy given emerging commercial capabilities and the new space environment.        

CGA welcomes interest and input from current and potential industry partners and community stakeholders. 

Please reach out to us at one of the
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“The CGA will shape how we interact with the commercial GEOINT industry and enable us to more efficiently and effectively explore alternatives to traditional collection and analysis.
- NGA Director Robert Cardillo
“There is a very exciting future for these commercial GEOINT providers, and the NRO and NGA want to work with industry and make the smart decisions over the coming months and years. The new CGA partnership presents a great opportunity for us to provide a coordinated voice and integrated approach to our industry partners.”
- NRO Director Betty Sapp


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