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NGA selects 5 companies to accelerate its Map of World

Oct. 10, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia--The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency recently announced the selection of five companies to deliver innovative solutions as part of a $2 million challenge to deliver basic or applied research, concept exploration and capability demonstration in challenge areas that accelerate and strengthen the agency’s Map of the World.

NGA issued the challenge focusing on three areas that will help accelerate the MoW efforts and received 73 proposals from which it selected the following five companies:

Challenge No. 1: Employing link data technology

• Atlanta-based MapLarge Inc. was selected for its proposal to provide a unique, high-performance search, query and visualization engine that can dynamically render and visualize large high-resolution data sets. MapLarge plans to perform rapid pattern analysis using rich interactive visuals supported by a rapid, dynamic visual analytic pipeline. The company will build a prototype to allow analysts interactive exploration of large-scale linked data with real time queries and visuals of logical and spatial data.

• Headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia, ImageMatters LLC was selected for its proposed linked-data strategy addressing the integration of object-based-intelligence with foundation geospatial intelligence. This will enhance NGA’s capability to generate, curate, analyze and share structured OBI as linked data with originating information tracking.

Challenge No. 2: Conflating data from varying sources

• The Boeing Co. of Chicago was selected for a proposal to demonstrate the workflows and processes for performing rapid data assessment of foundation GEOINT. This proposal will demonstrate data assessment workflows for NGA’s NextGen production model to determine and enhance the quality and currency of data in Map of the World. Boeing’s workflow focuses on the spatial quality of the data and the completeness and currency of the attribution of all features in MoW.

Challenge #3: Developing a framework for user-generated content

• SRI International of Menlo Park, California, was awarded a contract based on its proposal to of a comprehensive user-generated content collection that demonstrates key modules and use cases for ingestion, analysis and dissemination framework. SRI proposes to leverage its experience in developing UGC solutions and work closely with NGA to develop a comprehensive framework for exploitation and integration of UGC into the Map of the World content services.

• The DATA Inc. of Denver was selected for proposing a unique implementation approach of UGC to facilitate geospatial, temporal and thematic discovery through 3-D visualization that enhances end-user retention, recall and transfer of data. Its proposal addresses harnessing UGC with real-time information, a resource currently not available to NGA.


Approved for public release: 14-585