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Hurricane Sandy

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NGA Aids FEMA and First Responders with Hurricane Sandy
October 30, 2012        

SPRINGFIELD, Va. — In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, NGA embedded teams to support FEMA in affected areas including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, in addition to support at FEMA headquarters. Currently, NGA's support has included damage assessments of the affected areas to help FEMA and first responders manage their response levels effectively. NGA's ability to support FEMA's requirements has also grown through the use of a fully-enabled web site with controlled access which provides FEMA and first responders with access to a wide array of geospatial products and tools to support disaster relief efforts. The agency also ensures many of its products can be utilized and cached via handheld mobile devices, making access to timely information easily accessible for assessment and rescue operations, even in areas experiencing intermittent or disconnected cell service connectivity as a result of the storm.