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Fall 2014 Student Opportunities

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's Fall 2014 Student Opportunities application period is Sept. 2 through Oct. 10.

To apply, please:


Returning users will be prompted to enter a username and password; new users will click "Register Now".

Select one of the three internship positions that best aligns with your degree and future career goals:

      • Temporary Hire Student Analytical and Scientific Position
      • Temporary Hire Student Technical Position
      • Temporary Hire Student Mission Support Position

Submitted resumes must include the following information:

      • Objective – briefly explain the experience you would like to obtain while interning at NGA.
      • Education – include the name of the college/university, location, degree and expected/actual graduation date.
      • Transcript – include all coursework completed to date, as well as the grades received and the cumulative grade point average, or GPA; CLICK HERE to view the sample resume.
      • Work Experience – include the name of the company/organization, location, position/job title, dates of employment and three to four bullets detailing your duties/responsibilities.
      • Relevant Skills
      • Awards and Achievements
      • Languages

Complete all required fields on the application

      • Indicate education completed
      • Indicate education in progress

Please note:  Applicants who only indicate education completed or education in progress with an anticipated graduation date before September 2014 will not be considered for this program, unless they also indicate the subsequent degree program in which they plan to enroll.  Per the instructions on the application page, the hyperlink labeled "Add Current Enrollment Information" should be used by those currently enrolled and/or actively pursuing a degree, however, for the purpose of the Student Employment Program, applicants should also use this field to clearly indicate a subsequent degree program in which they plan to enroll/enter if they will graduate from their current degree program prior to September 2014.

Submit your application and resume online on or before October 11. 

Send your official transcript to the following address on or before October 18:

Student Employment Program

Mailstop HD/S44

7500 GEOINT Drive

Springfield, VA 22150