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Inaugural CIA conference addresses community at a crossroads

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Director Letitia A. Long participated on a panel June 11 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., during CIA’s first public conference on national security, “Ethos and Profession of Intelligence.”

“Today – and certainly not for the first time in our history – America’s intelligence community is at a crossroads,” said CIA Director John O. Brennan. “The transformational impact of technology and enhanced scrutiny and skepticism of the value, legality and appropriateness of our mission have prompted a re-examination of the work of intelligence agencies, understandably and rightly so.”

Long, and a panel of her peers including, John Gannon, former deputy director for Intelligence at the CIA, Gilman Louie, founder of In-Q-Tel, and Juan Zarate, former deputy national security adviser at the White House, discussed issues affecting the intelligence community and the private sector.

Long discussed the importance of industry partnerships to advancing the priorities of the agency, commercial imagery, transparency and the growing importance of crowdsourcing.

“Geospatial information needs to convey the most amount of knowledge in the shortest amount of time,” said Long.

To view video of the conference and Long’s panel, visit:  

Photo Credit: Kevin Clark, NGA Office of Corporate Communications