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NGA celebrates 239 years of the Marines

By NGA Office of Corporate Communications

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency hosted U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Michael S. Groen, director of Marine Corps Intelligence, for the 239th Marine Corps birthday celebration at NGA Campus East Nov. 7.

NGA Director Robert Cardillo welcomed Groen by observing the long-standing relationship that NGA shares with the military branch.

“Our partnership is one that we’re proud of,” said Cardillo. “And, we’re committed to strengthening it in the years ahead, as our nation faces ever-evolving and more complex threats in an environment of shrinking resources. Who better to have at your side in these times than U.S. Marines, who’ve always done so much with so little?”

Groen traced the shared Revolutionary War origins between NGA and the Marine Corps – 1775 was when the Marines were commissioned, and 1777 was when the first Surveyor General was appointed – and noted that the Marines had no greater partner than NGA.

“NGA puts us in a position of advantage with respect to our opponents on the battlefield,” said Groen. “You provide us a powerful capability, fundamental to our success.”

Groen ended his remarks with a reference to the Marine Corps motto, “Semper Fidelis.” “May we always find you, as you find us, “Always Faithful,” in the future we have together,” said Groen.

During today’s NGA daily operations call, Cardillo encouraged staf to view a video from Marine Commandant Gen. Joseph F. Dunford commemorating the military branch’s birthday.

“You’ll be inspired, you’ll feel really good not just about the Corps, but the country,” said Cardillo. “It was a very crystal-clear visual and historical reflection on why we’re here as NGA – who we work for, why we work for them, what they do with our products and services.”

The video from Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph F. Dunford commemorating the U.S. Marine Corps birthday can be viewed here: