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NGA Industry Outreach Day 2013

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is pleased to announce an Industry Outreach Day to be hosted at NGA Campus East in Springfield VA, Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. NGA’s Online GEOINT Services and Information Technology Directorates will host this event. This Industry Outreach Day is intended to complement the Industry Outreach Day previously held on 27 September, 2012, as well as the recently posted Request-for-Information on NGA GEOINT App Store and Application Operations Services. This Industry Outreach Day will include an overview of the NGA GEOINT App Store and set the scene for a compelling discussion on NGA’s emerging App (mobile / web / widget) compensation model, specifically called the AOS. NGA is enthusiastic about the innovation taking place in the commercial mobile / web app sector and its potential to revolutionize mobile GEOINT support to NGA’s customers. We want your help to put NGA on the cutting edge of some of today’s most exciting technology and to assist us in delivering that technology across the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence, Civil, Emergency Management, Response, and Recovery Communities. We see this as a tremendous opportunity for industry, small business, and academia to partner with NGA, and we look forward to your participation at this exciting event.

April 30, 2013, 8 AM to 12:00 PM (registration is from 7-8 AM)

Chief Technical Officers, Senior Technical Engineers, Mobile / Web / Widget Analysts & Developers, Contracting Officers, Company Business Development Representatives, Business / Program / Project / Production Managers, and Sales & Marketing Representatives. 

This Industry Outreach Day will be held at an UNCLASSIFIED level. You will be required to receive an escort badge for admittance into the conference. Directions for registration are included under “Registration Information” below. Please note: If you are an affiliated foreign government (e.g. Commonwealth Partner), please contact the Industry Day POC at email listed below; there are additional registration requirements.

Please note that NGA is a secure government facility and the following items are not allowed inside the building: PDAs, cameras, cell phones, tablets, two way pagers, laptops, iPods, and any recording or other device that can transmit data (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.). USB thumb drives and any other type storage devices are also prohibited. Please leave these devices at your hotel or in your car. If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact NCE Site Security via email or phone at 571-558-2222.   

Attendance is limited to three representatives per company or corporate business unit.

Registration is required via the Acquisition Resource Center website by 22 April, in order to attend. The participant’s badge will be provided the day of the conference once you check-in at the Visitor’s Control Center. This badge must be returned to the VCC upon departure. After registering, the registrant will receive a parking permit via provided email address with other detailed information regarding the conference. 


          • Registration will occur on the unclassified Intelligence Community ARC (  You will need to create an account to register. Once you log in, please click the “Current IC Efforts” link on the left hand side and proceed to the “Apps Comp Model” website.  Actual registration can be completed under the “Registration” tab feature.
          • Should you have any questions regarding the use of the ARC website, please contact the ACE IT Support Team at, 703-230-6300.

The NGA Industry Outreach Session will be held in the Allder Auditorium at NGA, Springfield (address below). Follow signs to “Visitor Parking” and proceed to the Vistor Control Center, or VCC.  Parking is available at the VCC parking lot, with additional parking located in the overflow lot. Please look for signs that mark these areas. Carpooling is highly encouraged, as NGA has limited visitor parking; parking is on a first come, first serve basis.  This parking pass that you receive upon online registration, must be placed on the vehicle dashboard— visible to security.

Address: 7500 GEOINT Drive; Springfield, VA 22150
Phone: 571-557-1006

Arrival and sign-in are scheduled from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM with the session commencing promptly at 8:00 AM.  Upon arrival, go to the main lobby within the Visitors Control Center to receive your visitor badge and follow the signs for the NGA Industry Outreach Session Check-in to receive a conference room badge / name tag and other pertinent information.  Everyone MUST check-in at the VCC receptionist desk to receive a visitor badge before they can proceed into the Auditorium. Please note that NGA has a cafeteria to purchase lunch and coffee, but food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium. If there is an emergency or a need to contact the attendee during the Industry Outreach Day, please contact the Conference Center Receptionist desk at 571-558-2470.  

Questions regarding this event should be directed to the NGA point of contacts (POCs) for this event, Danielle Henderson at 571-558-2387, unclassified email at NGA Industry Day.

Media interested in covering this event should contact NGA's Public Affairs team at 571-557-5400 or