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​​​​​​​​​​Senior Executive Positions (DISES/DISL Vacancies)    

​Executive Resources at NGA include members of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES) and Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) employees.

NGA DISES positions are managerial positions, allocated to NGA by the Department of Defense, which are classified above the Band 5/GS-15 level. DISES positions are characterized by emphasis on organization or program management responsibilities. DISES positions are the DOD Intelligence Community equivalent to SES positions.

NGA DISL positions are technical or scientific positions, allocated to NGA by DOD, which are classified above the Band 5/GS-15 levels. DISL positions are characterized by emphasis on functional expertise and have no more than minimal supervisory responsibilities (less than 25 percent). DISL's are recognized leaders and authorities in a specialized field or functional area. DISL positions are the DOD Intelligence Community equivalent to SL positions.

Please Note: Application procedures for NGA Senior Executive positions are different than application procedures for other NGA opportunities, thus apply via the instructions within the individual announcements found below:

Senior Associate General Counsel, Legal Operations and Business Management/Series IP-0905:  Serves as the Division Chief, Legal Operations and Business Operations (OGCX), Office of General Counsel (OGC), NGA; and as the senior-most Associate General Counsel and the principal legal adviser in the absence of the General Counsel (GC) and the Deputy General Counsel (DGC). Provides independent counsel to the Director of Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) in accordance with EEO Commission requirements. Serves as legal adviser for ethics, intelligence oversight, privacy, civil liberty, legislation, public disclosure and the Freedom of Information Act.

Director, Research/Series IE-1301: The Director, Research Directorate provides leadership to Research Pods that exist to lead NGA into the future. Leads NGA’s efforts to address the future by developing strategic frameworks for geospatial-intelligence research and development, implementing that framework, and managing a R&D portfolio consistent with NGA’s Strategic Intent.