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​​​​​​​​​​Senior Executive Positions (DISES/DISL Vacancies)    

​Executive Resources at NGA include members of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES) and Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) employees.

NGA DISES positions are managerial positions, allocated to NGA by the Department of Defense, which are classified above the Band 5/GS-15 level. DISES positions are characterized by emphasis on organization or program management responsibilities. DISES positions are the DOD Intelligence Community equivalent to SES positions.

NGA DISL positions are technical or scientific positions, allocated to NGA by DOD, which are classified above the Band 5/GS-15 levels. DISL positions are characterized by emphasis on functional expertise and have no more than minimal supervisory responsibilities (less than 25 percent). DISL's are recognized leaders and authorities in a specialized field or functional area. DISL positions are the DOD Intelligence Community equivalent to SL positions.

Please Note: Application procedures for NGA Senior Executive positions are different than application procedures for other NGA opportunities, thus apply via the instructions within the individual announcements found below:

Deputy Chief Ventures Officer/Series IP-2210: The Deputy Chief Ventures Officer (DCVO) directly supports the Chief Ventures Officer in NGA's innovation initiatives with NGA stakeholders, government partners, industry and academia, with a focus on innovation and the incubation and adoption of new ventures that create unique combinations of people, processes, and technologies to sustain NGA’s competitive advantage. The DCVO develops, manages, and supports the process of innovation, from sourcing and problem curating n through integration at NGA. The DCVO focuses on external and internal improvement by evaluating needs and capabilities and aligning funding, policy, and planning to develop new technologies and replace outdated capabilities, technologies, and processes. Incumbent will focus on adapting and applying industry best practices within the Agency/IC/DoD context to replace legacy systems and software to meet current and future geospatial mission needs.