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NGA provides timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security.

Putting the power of GEOINT in your hands.

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Explorer Program    

NGA's Explorer Program is a targeted initiative designed to ensure the Agency meets the evolving and growing needs of its customers. We are looking for Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Experts, Data Engineers, Software Developers, Front End and Web Developers, Data Stewards, Data Analysts, and Systems Architects and Engineers who want to use their skills to directly and positively impact the security and future of our country. The Explorer Program has an amazing charter, conceived by truly out-of-the-box innovators. 

The Explorer Program is bringing on experienced data professionals as term employees. Working from locations across the country, they will apply their expertise to solve some of NGA's most challenging data science and software engineering problems. These short-term hires (1-3 years) will provide talent in high-demand positions while building a unique resume and network.

Are you up for the adventure and challenges these positions hold? Come be part of our team and start making a difference today!






Explorer Program

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