Work/Life Balance    
Work/Life Programs, Policies and Services:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Today’s employees face a growing array of personal issues or problems that can interfere, not only with quality of life but also with job performance. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional resource available to help our employees resolve life’s challenges either large or small. On-site licensed EAP counselors are available for a personal meeting at NGA’s St. Louis, Arnold, Bethesda, WNY and Reston facilities. Additionally, all NGA employees may call the Federal Occupation Health (FOH) Call Center at the designated 1-800 number for CONUS or OCONUS locations and be referred to an affiliated licensed EAP counselor in the community. EAP services are available to employees and their immediate household members and are at no cost to the employee.

Because NGA understands that trying to manage daily responsibilities and life events can be challenging, the agency has established a partnership with Federal Occupational Health to offer a comprehensive resource and referral service, at no cost to the employee. WorkLife4You can be accessed 24/7 either on the WorkLife4You website or by calling trained specialists who can answer questions and quickly provide customized information on a wide variety of resources and services on subjects such as having a baby, going to college, finances, legal issues, health information, elder care, relocation services and much more.

Telework is an alternative work arrangement for employees to conduct some or all of their work at an alternative worksite away from the typically used office. NGA recognizes telework as an excellent tool for accommodating some employees with disabilities or as an alternative arrangement for work life balance. Telework may occur on a routine or regular basis, away from the principal place of duty, one or more days per pay period. Telework agreements are at management’s discretion and with the determination that a position is suitable for telework and the employee has demonstrated work habits conducive to telework.

Intelligence Community Emergency Assistance Fund (IC EAF)
The IC EAF is a sub fund specifically for the intelligence community under the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA). The FEEA and the IC EAF provide emergency financial assistance in the form of tax-free grants and/or no-interest loans to eligible Federal employees who suffer injury or loss of life or damage to property as a result of a personal crisis, emergency or natural disaster. NGA employees may voluntarily contribute to the IC EAF via the Combined Federal Campaign or request assistance when needed.

Childcare Priority Placement Enrollment Program (PPEP)
One of the Intelligence community priorities is to assist its employees to balance work and family responsibilities. One of the pressing challenges many of our NGA families face is identifying quality childcare alternatives. Because of this, NGA employees are offered the opportunity to participate in the Childcare Priority Placement Enrollment Program (PPEP) whereby Intelligence Community employees are afforded the opportunity to have priority placement at KinderCare Learning Centers when space becomes available. Interested employees are encouraged to contact the Benefits and WorkLife Group Point of Contact.

Financial Literacy
NGA has a keen interest in helping its employees meet their personal and financial goals and offers a variety of financial planning seminars, information fairs and other money management tools throughout the year. NGA’s financial literacy program goal is to provide employees with the right knowledge to ensure they have a well-designed financial plan so they can afford today’s needs yet still fund tomorrow’s goals.

Physical Fitness/Health Services:

NGA encourages employees to maintain their physical well-being in a number of ways. For example, fitness centers are located on-site at a number of NGA facilities.

Advantage Fitness Program
The Advantage Fitness Program (AFP) is a wellness initiative that allows NGA civilian government employees to exercise at their duty location up to three hours per week as excused absence from duty time - without utilizing their personal leave. The AFP is designed to allow employees the flexibility they need in order to make physical fitness a part of their life. A regular exercise program keeps you mentally alert and physically fit, improves health, and enhances the quality of your work life and personal life.

Wellness Program
NGA Wellness Program provides quality, comprehensive fitness and wellness services by promoting the awareness of positive behavioral and life-style changes as a means to improve employees' health and well-being. The services provided are based on the needs of the Agency, and use standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine, the U.S. Public Health Service and the Office of Personnel Management. The NGA Wellness Program offers information on various health, wellness, and fitness topics through lectures, seminars, classes, and publications including physicals, flu vaccinations and cholesterol screening.

Workers' Compensation Program
NGA employees who are injured while in the performance of duty are covered under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). This program allows compensation benefits which include monetary payment for wage loss due to employment-related disability, payment of related medical bills, prescription reimbursement and vocational rehabilitation services when appropriate.

The goals of the Workers’ Compensation Program are to ensure that employees with job-related injuries or illnesses are provided timely medical care and appropriate compensation..

Nursing Mothers Program
NGA believes in allowing mothers who choose to breastfeed their baby the opportunity to achieve this goal. At NGA facilities, working mothers can continue to breast-feed their children because NGA provides comfortable, private lactation rooms, equipped with refrigerators for milk storage.

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