Training and Education Opportunities    
NGA is committed to improving workforce performance related to the mission and strategic objectives of NGA, utilizing a systematic approach to assessing, planning, delivering and evaluation of training. This includes formal and informal training, education, developmental, and other learning assignments. NGA also offers extensive training in foreign language skills

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides educational opportunities to develop critical skills and knowledge that contribute to the Agency's mission and performance goals. Tuition Assistance Program pays 100 percent of tuition costs at accredited colleges or universities for approved mission related courses. The program also funds textbooks, library, laboratory, and computer usage fees for approved courses of study. The Program is open to all NGA civilian employees.

Alternate Work Schedules

Many NGA organizations permit some or all employees to work schedules which vary from the eight hours a day, 80-hours a pay period standard. One of the approaches is the use of compressed schedules, which allow employees to work their 80 regular hours in fewer than the 10 working days of a "normal" pay period. Often, alternative arrangements assist individuals in caring for children or other dependents. For some, work schedule flexibilities means extra "personal time" to pursue educational or other developmental activities, or is helpful in reducing work related stress.

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