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Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS)
Starting October 1st, 2008, NGA began using a new Intelligence Community-wide personnel system. The concept underlying the DCIPS process is that an employee's total resulting pay should fairly reflect that person's performance at his or her Band level. The combination of salary and bonus decisions result in a compensation package that effectively rewards each employee for his or her efforts during the previous performance cycle. Promotion decisions reflect the employee's performance-based potential and the need for higher level work within the Agency. The combination of the three decisions results in a total pay that is appropriate to the employee's past efforts and future expectations.

Salary/Pay Bands
NGA has implemented pay banding for all former General Schedule (GS) employees. The NGA system consists of five pay bands and does not include regularly scheduled within-grade increases. Annual performance evaluations determine the amount of increase within a pay band an employee will receive. The annual promotion process determines those employees who move to a higher band. The table below shows basic salary ranges and equivalent GS grade levels as of January 5, 2020.

Base Salary Range
Pay Band Minimum Maximum* GS Equivalent
1 $19,543 $50,974 01 - 07
2 $37,301 $68,671 07 - 10
3 $55,204 $107,534 11 - 13
4 $78,681 $127,066 13 - 14
5 $109,366 $149,472 15

Locality Pay
The Federal government has established numerous pay localities to provide locality pay adjustments that add to total pay according to geographic duty locations. The following table shows the locality pay for the Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, MO. areas which are the two primary locations for NGA.

Salary Range with Local Market Supplement
  Washington, DC Area St. Louis, MO Area
Pay Band Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
1 $25,500 $66,511 $22,992 $59,971
2 $48,670 $89,602 $43,885 $80,791
3 $72,030 $140,310 $64,948 $126,514
4 $102,663 $165,796 $92,568 $149,493
5 $142,701 $170,800 $128,669 $170,800

Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) Annual Rates
$131,240  $181,500
Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service (DISES) Annual Rates
Tiers Minimum Maximum
Tier 1 $131,240 $181,500 
​Tier 2 ​$131,240 ​$190,000
​Tier 3 ​$131,240 ​$197,300

Although the provisionally certified executive pay system increases the top salary limit to Executive Level II of $181,500, there are significant limitations on the number of executives who can attain salary levels beyond the Executive Level III limit of $167,00. Only those executives with the highest levels of responsibility, work accomplishment, and impact can progress beyond the Executive Level III limit.

DISL/DISES/SIS members are excluded from earning hazard pay differential and premium pay (overtime; compensatory time; Sunday or holiday pay; and night, standby, and irregular differentials).

Additional Compensation

  • Awards: NGA has an incentive awards program that is intended to encourage high productivity by acknowledging superior performance. The recognition may be by means of cash awards, salary increases for performance, or time off from work.
  • Bonuses: NGA has an incentive bonus program that is intended to encourage high productivity by acknowledging superior performance.
  • Promotions: NGA encourages the development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce within a broad-pay band, person-based system. The promotion process is used to select the best-qualified individuals for advancement through a fair, equitable, and competitive selection process. NGA selects employees for promotion based on their demonstrated skills, levels of performance, performance-based potential and higher level work required by the NGA mission.

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