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2025 NGA Strategy    
This is a critically important time in our nation’s history and our agency’s development.

As highlighted in the 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS), we’re emerging from a period of strategic atrophy, aware
that our competitive military advantage has been eroding. We’re facing increased global disorder, characterized by
decline in the long-standing rules-based international order — creating a security environment more complex and volatile than we have experienced in recent memory.

Similarly, the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy (NIS) highlights that we’re facing significant changes in the
domestic and global environment and stresses the need to be ready to meet 21st-century challenges and recognize
emerging threats and opportunities. It further emphasizes that in order to navigate today’s turbulent and complex
strategic environment, we must do things differently.

The imperative and urgency is clear. Given the challenges and opportunities in the security environment, NGA’s capabilities and contributions are vital.

We provide GEOINT to secure our nation.

We exist to show the way … and do so uniquely by knowing the Earth and understanding the world.

We maintain detailed, foundational physical characterizations of the Earth from seabed to space and provide products our

forces require to navigate and operate safely every day, everywhere around the globe. We build a wide array of GEOINT
products providing unique context and insights to answer questions from a broad range of customers — from White
House policymakers, to Pentagon decision-makers, to deployed warfighters, to first responders, to non-government
organizations. Our customers rely on us to “show the way”… to literally get them from point A to point B, help illuminate
options and inform decisions, and carry out actions with precision. We must, and will, meet our nation’s needs.

NGA’s 2025 Strategic Goals are aligned to the NDS and the NIS. Our number one goal starts with investing in our
people – that’s the basis of our strength. We will emphasize “people first … mission always” in everything we do. Our
second goal emphasizes strengthening and expanding our partnerships — critical partnerships loosely defined and
only limited by our imaginations and willingness to create meaningful connections. Our comparative advantage as an
agency and a nation is founded in our people … and our partnerships. Goals three and four focus on delivering trusted
GEOINT where and when needed to meet mission needs today, while simultaneously looking to the future to ensure we
maintain comparative advantage over competitors and adversaries. We will continue to provide world-class analytical
products to meet our broad customer base requirements, while adapting to the realities presented by a changing
security and technological environment — modernizing and transforming our IT infrastructure, collection services,
networks, training and business practices to be able to handle an increase in GEOINT sources with a deluge of data
that is on the horizon; or in some cases, already here.

This strategy sets the direction and charts the course to move us into the next decade. As with any journey, there will be unforeseen hazards, challenges and opportunities along the way. We will be a learning organization,
continually adapting and adjusting wherever and whenever needed. The journey won’t be easy, but I’m confident
we’re up to the task.

Team NGA … We Show the Way!

Robert D. Sharp
Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Click here to read the 2025 NGA Strategy.

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