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A Century Later - Remembering World War I    

"On the one hand it was an unnecessary war fought in a manner that defied common sense, but on the other it was the war that shaped the world in which we still live," wrote University of Oxford, All Souls College professor Hew Strachan in his 2005 book "The First World War." The demands of this massive confrontation gave birth to, or greatly advanced, many of the most important geospatial intelligence tradecrafts we practice daily here at NGA. 

Our WWI commemorative card set covers aspects of the conflict related to intelligence, warfighters and technology.

We remember the service, sacrifice and cost demanded by the Great War. Never forget the significance of this potent conflict that still profoundly informs our world a century later.  


 A Century Later - Commemorative Card Collection


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Detailed descriptions of each card are available in this downloadable document.